What is Banguino? (VIDEO)

As its name already says, Banguino brings the most popular hobby and Do It Yourself development platform in the world into a single 25x25 mm chip DTX module and offers full backwards compatibility with the most used worldwide Arduino board - the model "Uno".

Banguino is fully self-contained product, and just as "Uno", it has Atmel ATmega 328P microcontroller, based on bottom side of the chip. It has wide range input 5-20V DC power supply, with LED signaling if the power is connected. Banguino can supply external components with +5V(volt) and +3.3V. It has up to 30 inputs/outputs serial interfaces, all with 5V logic levels. It also has microSD card connector.

But that is all similar with Arduino Uno. What is its advantage?

Just as we mentioned before, this is only 25x25mm chip, not a board. All the ports and pins you have on "Uno" now you have it on the edges of this chip. It saves space and gives you opportunity to use the Arduino project on your own custom board, and you only need one USB connector to re-program Banguino. MicroSD card connector is very useful to store data for later use.

Each Banguino module comes ready to go with pre-loaded most recent Arduino Uno bootloader and Blinky demo in memory.

On the software side, Banguino has benefits from the large variety of already existing Arduino-compatible code.

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