Data logging on an SD card with Banguino (VIDEO)

In this tutorial it will be demonstrated one of the main advantages Banguino has over Arduino boards, and SD card connector. You do not need to buy anymore Arduino SD card shield to have where to log data, use Banguino for much lower price and in DTX module, not two boards.

As another feature, we will power Banguino from a battery. For a battery we used Solar charged battery pack which can be charged with solar energy or via USB and provides three different outputs, 5Volts/1Amper, 5Volts/2Ampers, 9Volts/1Amper.

To demonstrate how you can log data on your SD card we would use data from three analog inputs. We connected three variable resistors to analog inputs. Banguino is reprogrammed with the example code to read analog inputs every second and save data to SD card.

Now we connect battery and Banguino starts working. We would change resistance on variable resistors to see what data we saved. All the data will be saved on a text file.

Let’s see now what Banguino saved on its SD card. Opening the SD card we see a text file and inside of it data from the three analog inputs.

With this tutorial we wanted to demonstrate one of the benefits of using Banguino instead of regular Arduino Uno, and SD card connector.