How to connect Banguino and graphic display (VIDEO)

In this tutorial it will be presented how to connect Banguino and one simple graphic display.

We use Nokia 5110 graphic display, which is the same one used in Nokia 3310 mobile. It is very simple to use, as all functions are provided in a single chip. It is connected with microcontroller over serial bus interface.

Banguino has all the necessary pins to connect with this display. It provides 3.3 volt to supply the display, and only five more pins are needed - 3 for controlling display and 2 for sending data via SPI. Another pin with pulse-width modulation output can be used to supply LED backlight.

The display operates on 3.3 volt while Banguino uses 5 volt level. To avoid burning of the display use level shifters or stick in-line resistors, as a low price solution.

We inserted a simple code and Banguino can say "Hello" to you.

There are a lot of possibilities with this display and Banguino. Their small dimensions match perfectly. You can use it as a watch or to display any other information your Banguino gets from sensors. As compared to Arduino, Banguino`s advantage is easy integration into project, due to its small dimensions, while Arduino stays only prototype.