How to build your own alcohol meter with Banguino (VIDEO)


Using Banguino with various projects is very easy. In this tutorial we will demonstrate you how you can build your own alcohol meter with Banguino.

We are using Alcohol Gas Sensor MQ-3, which can be found on Sparkfun, and also in our store

In datasheet you can see how to wire up the sensor with Banguino. It needs 5 volt power supply provided by Banguino, 100 kilo-ohms pull-down variable resistor for calibration and an analog output.

Simple code programmed in Banguino reads analog output from sensor and turns on the exact percentage of LED that corresponds to alcohol content in your breath.

Serial resistors in-line with LED limits the current.

Now we will make a test with a plastic bottle of beer that blows out air into a sensor.

The benefit of using Banguino is its dimensions. With a small plastic case you can create a functional alcohol meter in a small pack. The next step could be using an LCD instead of LED to display number of alcohol units.