Building Energy Meter with Banguino (VIDEO)


In this project we will demonstrate how Banguino can be used to measure energy consumption in your home, office, warehouse… Beside Banguino you only need one current sensor, two resistors and a capacitor.

Current sensor we used in this project is SCT-013-030 that can provide the current reading of up to 30 Amperes and convert it into 0-1 Volts.

This sensor provides the reading in voltage on its output which means it has load resistor already built in. Banguino cannot measure negative voltage so we need to add 2.5 volts to make the voltage measurable.

Data gathered by the sensor is read via analog input on Banguiono. The required additional 2.5 volts are provided by Banguino 5 volts output via resistors.

We connected the sensor to one of the power cables and as a loading device we used a laptop which is connected to Banguino and one monitor. Now we will initiate an example code to measure how much power this system consumes. As we have only one sensor, we assumed voltage is 230 volts.

With Serial Monitor we can get the reading of current measurements and calculated power consumption of this small system. Now we will turn the monitor off and see how the power consumption decreases. When we turn the monitor on again, the power consumption goes up.

For detailed information about this project read the article provided with this video. This is only a prototype. You can improve this project by implementing an LCD instead of using a Serial Monitor. Also a Banguino custom board, display and connector for current sensor can be designed to fit one box solution that can be placed on the market.